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Cholo’s – Most Authentic Mexican Food in Panama

As moving to Panama was quite a random decision for me (read about why I moved here) I had virtually no preconceptions of what the cuisine would be like.  Because of its relatively close proximity to Mexico, Spanish language and Latin culture I automatically assumed it would be somewhat similar to Mexican food.  However my time in Panama thus far has taught me that aside from the abundance of rice and beans used in their dishes the types of meals are vastly different.  Panamanians rarely use tortillas or cheese so large hearty burritos, tacos and enchiladas are typically out of the question.  As this gringo comes from Colorado where a large hispanic population has created a some of the finest Mexican cuisine in the country, there are times where only a big, spicy burrito will make my stomach smile.  After a lengthy journey trying to discover the best mexican burritos in the Panama City area I have finally discovered a place I would like to share with you.
Cholo’s is located about one hour outside of Panama City just off the Pan American highway.  Easily visible from the highway it can be found between San Carlos and Las Palmas on the left side of the road just before the exit to El Palmar.  This surf themed Mexican food establishment has good margaritas, cheap local beers and authentic large burritos than will be sure to cure that south of the border craving with their cheesy, chili smothered awesomeness. Whether you are just passing by or heading to the beach, head to Cholo’s for a nice Mexican lunch next time you in the area.  My recommendation is to enjoy a margarita and burrito followed by a nice beach siestsa, but to each their own!  For more info on Cholo’s, Mexican food or beach siestas please inquire below.

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