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Understanding the Culture of Panama before Entering

Understanding the Culture of Panama before Entering

 Being rich in diversity, gringos tend to not feel like they are in a foreign country while living in Panama. The numerous American shopping brands and fast foods around with the international vibe of the country make them forget that they are living outside of their countries. Although it feels like home to live in Panama, never forget one thing that you are a guest.

Since you are the guest, then you should be the one who adjust yourself with Panamanian culture. You cant expect them to adjust with what you already had and you should try to be a good guest although sometimes you may fail. The most important thing to understand the culture in Panama is to learn how you should behave among the native so you aren’t judged as an ungrateful guest.

Understanding the Culture of Panama before Entering
Understanding the Culture of Panama before Entering
  • Panama’s Perception of Time

While most american’s are used to be on time in every situation due to the tight time that they have, Panamanian are different. If you are invited to a dinner party and the whole members of it come late even one or two hours after the dinner, you should be calm and quite because this is a common thing.

They don’t strict to any schedule because what they focus more is not about when you will come, but the fact that everyone is gathering around and maintaining a good relationship through the event. So it is fine for them to extend the dinner time for two hours if necessary just to have everyone joining in there.

Understanding the Culture of Panama before Entering
Understanding the Culture of Panama before Entering
  • Panama’s Social Norms

Although Panamas are having a high tolerance in different lifestyles and religions, there are some social norms you need to follow to make you engage easily with the natives. Most people in Panama have a neat appearance when they walk out. Men with shorts and sandals are considered too casual. Also, men should not go out shirtless as it is very uncommon.

When people meet, they are very friendly to each other. Men shake hands if they meet and sometimes they also hug if they have a close relationship. The same thing also happens between women in Panama when they meet. However, touching someone while he or she is doing a conversation tends to be impolite as Panamanian has a good values others’ personal space.

Giving titles when greeting is also necessary as they tend to add Don before a surname for men and Dona for women. This is just like Gringos are greeting people with Sir or Mrs. Although it sounds too formal, this is how the people behave to respect each other.

Panama’s culture in society is also different from the US as Panamanian tend to be very close to their relatives. They even love to travel around together with the whole family rather than a romantic holiday as a couple.

Moreover, many Panamanian are even still living under the same roof after they are getting married. It is very normal to have multiple generations living in the same house.

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The Greatest Adventure Options in Panama

Famous for its metropolitan cities and beautiful nature, there are many interesting things to do whenever you are in Panama. Gringos who want to enjoy adventure will always find a place to go. Here, some of the best adventures in Panama that shouldn’t be missed by Gringos.

Galloping through tree canopy at El Valle and Boquete

Boost your adrenaline by joining treetops canopy adventure in Panama. In this adventure, you have to climb high and reaching the treetop platform and are equipped with a harness. Then, you will be ready to zip through using a crane that fastened to a cable. Along the way, you will get a memorable experience by observing wildlife with its interesting species of birds from a different point of this forest. This canopy ride can be enjoyed in El Valle and Boquete.

The Greatest Adventure Options in Panama
The Greatest Adventure Options in Panama

Trekking at Camino Real path

Camino Real is very popular in Panama. It is a cobblestone path that was previously used to transport gold from Pacific to Caribbean Sea. This is the best location for gringos who want to test how strong their legs are. People often finish finishing this path within 3 days, starting with exploring Chagres River using a canoe, staying overnight at Embera Indian Village, and end up admiring a jungle which becomes a home for various bird species. Along the path, you will stay in the tents at night. Then, you will be returned passing the railroad to know how its construction supporting coastal access.

Surfing in Bocas del Toro

Panama has abundant surfing spots where gringos can train their surfing skills. Pacific coastline is very popular among visitors, particularly at Santa Catalina where it at the same time people also can enjoy its beautiful natural view and judi deposit pulsa. However, Bocas del Toro offers everything that surfers need as the waves here are various. You can find beach areas that have friendly waves for beginner to challenging Hawaiian waves for expert surfers. Moreover, Bocas has clear blue water you can admire the reef from its surface. This location is also packed with lodging, restaurants, and many nightlife places to go.

Kayaking at Kuna Yala

Even though diving is a prohibited activity in this place, you can enjoy Kuna Yala with other interesting activities such as kayaking. Gringos will get an amazing experience exploring mangrove swamps and the beauty of a small island that is well-known among visitors. In the middle of the kayaking journey, you can join a cultural tour when stop by traditional Kuna communities. Gringos are often taking part in this kayaking tour by employing local guides. People outside Panama that join this tour need to have permission from the Kuna community chief and the local guide helps you to do with it.

Sum up

Gringos can enjoy the beauty of Panama differently by joining the adventure available here. Look for the information about the adventure service you want to join.

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