Semana Santa Panama

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Semana Santa is started yesterday in Panama with Palm Sunday being April 13, 2014. Celebrations in Panama will continue throughout the week, ending on Sábado Santo, April 19, 2014. Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is a religious holiday in origin. It begins on the date that Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey, and was received with palms laid down upon the pathway. The end of Semana Santa marks the start of the Easter celebrations.

Semana Santa Panama

Panama is a predominantly Catholic country, and there is not the same separation of church and State as there is in the United States. Therefore, the whole religious holiday concept is a lot more widespread than many foreigners are used to. There isn’t Read more

Panama’s Subway Unveiled

With much pomp and circumstance, Panama City’s subway system was unveiled on Saturday night. Trains start running a full schedule on the 9 mile (14 KM) route today, although no one knows at what cost. During the first few months of operation, fares will be waived. This is the first subway system in Central America, and Panama is certainly proud of showing of it’s impressive infrastructure.

Current President Ricardo Martinelli is happy to show the world the new train system, which is just one of many improvements he has made during this five-year term in office. Martinelli leaves office on July 1st and is taking every opportunity to drum up support for his preferred successor, former Housing Minister Jose Domingo Read more

Airbox Express Opens Virtual Branch

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Airbox Express has long been a popular choice for expats for online shopping shipping and now their services have gotten even better. Airbox Express recently announced its newly designed website,

The new website is designed to act as a Virtual Branch of the company, and offers many of the same features as a physical location. From the website you can easily access all of your account and shipping information. For example, if you need to track your package, the new Airbox Express site now offers an online tracking feature. You can also use the free online calculator to estimate shipping from Amazon, eBay, and any other online store. You can also log in to your VIP account on Read more

Kiwanis Golf Tournament

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You’re invited to join in the fun at the first annual Kiwanis Golf Tournament at the Tucán Golf Club. The tournament starts at 8 am on Saturday March 29, 2104. The cost is 120 dollars per player.

Bordered by lush tropical forests , TCC&R Golf Course It’s a beautiful golf course masterfully designed by the most prominent experts in golf courses development around the world. The golf course borders the rainforest famous to Panama, and offers panoramic views of the Panama Canal and the SkyLine of the City. Designed to ensure the integrity of the surrounding tropical flora and fauna, the course at Tucan is a paradise of its own. The course reveals a par-72 layout that stretches 6,618 yards. Read more

Voting Overseas for United States

U.S. citizens living and working outside of the States can register to vote by absentee ballot for the presidential, primary and general elections.

To obtain an absentee ballot you need to complete and return a voter registration/absentee ballot request form. This form needs to be sent to your home-state elections office. This would be the state in which you last resided before moving abroad. If you voted in the last election, even from abroad, you may not automatically be registered for a ballot. If voting is important to you, you will want to make sure and register every election year to receive one.

Many states and the District of Columbia will send your absentee ballot by e-mail for you to Read more

Panama Tops International Living’s Best Places to Retire List

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International Living Magazine has come out with their Annual Retirement Index 2014 and Panama tops the list as the best place to retire. This year it beats out last year’s winner, Ecuador, by a hair. Here’s why.

Panama is the only country in the Central America with a true First World city: Panama City. It is only 2.5 hours away by plane from Miami, and there are direct flights to Panama City from all over the US.

Living in Panama is quite convenient for those from North America, particularly the US. They use the dollar as their main currency, English is widely understood and there is a large and welcoming international community there. Panama grocery stores have ingredients you are Read more

Living with Teenagers in Panama

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Getting ready to move to Panama with your family? Making such a huge move is an adjustment for everyone, especially teenagers. If they are not completely on board with the move, things can be tough. Even when your teenager is excited about coming to Panama, they may find upon arrival that their expectations have exceeded reality. That being said, by keeping the lines of communication open with your teenager you should be able to help them to adjust to their new life. There are, however, some important rules you will need to remember.

Those under 18 years of age are considered minors in Panama. In Panama City there is a curfew for minors, which is strictly enforced. From Sunday to Read more

How to Be an Expat

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Living abroad isn’t easy and not everyone has success at it. The first couple weeks and months are usually exciting, but can also be quite stressful. Expats often struggle to adjust to differences in culture, and those frustrations, combined with missing family and trying to make new friends, can sometimes be enough to convince them to throw in the towel. So, how can you make a success of the expat life? Read on to learn how to be an expat.

How to Be an Expat

1. Familiarize yourself with the area. Before you move do a lot of research, especially regarding the complaints of the area you are considering. Read other articles on how to be an expat in Read more

Travel in Panama with Disabilities

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Travel in Panama for people with disabilities can be challenging. Currently, the Panamanian government is not too supportive in this area; people born with disabilities are not legally entitled to government support. There are no government or state programs to care for people with disabilities. Although some companies may provide benefits to employees with certain disabilities, it is not standard practice.

While the government has put access requirements into place, compliance with these regulations is not common, nor is it regularly enforced. While many businesses are taking the initiative to install ramps, they are installing them far too steep. Not all roads have sidewalks, and the ones that do are in a general state of disrepair. It is not uncommon Read more

How to Use the Classifieds in Panama

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When I moved abroad I found my first apartment by asking around in a neighborhood I liked. While that method is still my preferred, I know many people today are more apt to look online. Thankfully, in Panama you can find apartments and houses for rent or for sale in the classifieds. Some of the common places people list accommodations are:

Mundoanuncio (in Spanish)
La Prensa (in Spanish)

Of course, if you don’t speak Spanish, or aren’t familiar with reading classifieds, reading and deciphering the listings can be a challenge. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the common words and phrases used in classifieds in Panama. These are the most common words used Read more